Regards programm
King composer
We provide our webmasters with the widest facilities and flexibility enabling to make money in
the concept of AEn Adult Entertainment networks.

Any category of adult webmasters that work with any type of traffic generators, search engines,
CJs, top lists, link lists, blogs or without the latter can increase their earnings with us.

Receive up to 60% from all the sign ups and rebills.
The huge websites network, enormous quantity of bonus content and unmatched support provide the perfect
rebilling - and your revenue will be noticeably increasing with each month!

Below are our main revenue schemes:
You entirely control the whole process from the beginning to the end
You create a site yourself and you will be sure that it corresponds to your type of traffic.
You can use to create a site both you own content and ours see King Composer
You create the traffic for your site yourself providing its maximum profitability
You will be sure in all the components of your revenue scheme, in site marketing, in external
marketing (the methods of attracting of surfers from traffic generators to the site),
in the site design, in promo materials and in rebills, because AE provides the greatest percentage
of rebills incomparable to the other affiliate programs
Such approach requires the highest professionalism and a bit of patience.

It is suitable for the webmasters with any type of traffic.
You create your site and simply add it to AE, then you may just relax and watch as money stream down
your pocket from different places or you can spend your time on creation of another site.
You can use to create a site both you own content and ours see KING composer
The more quality sites the more money.

With the great quantity of sites for reselling it will take some time to promote the product.
You occupy yourself only with traffic leaving the creation of the sites with good ratio to people who can do it better than you..
You will get access to the huge base of AE KING sites in various niches ready for reselling.
You will get access to promo materials such as FHG, banners and descriptions that were prepared for you by the designer of the site.

You will not be able to change anything if your traffic is incompatible with the site that you are trying to sell
It suits for webmasters with any type of traffic.
You can sell AE as a whole, describing all its advantages to the visitors.
This program is now in process of updating.
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